Corporate Social Responsibility

A4idee is committed to its environment and always tries to make a substantial contribution to improving the environment and living conditions. For example, we minimize the number of transport movements by always travelling by public transport to easily accessible places in the Netherlands. If a visit should take place in the vicinity of the A4idee office with a maximum distance of about 5 km, then the bicycle is usually used for this. Full electric cars are used for less accessible places, longer distances or if public transport does not offer a solution.

Office location

The A4idee office is located in a multi-office building, centrally located at Schiphol centre and within walking distance of both the Schiphol main building and the terminal complex. This location was deliberately chosen: close to a railway station and close to the most important work locations.

Waste, to the extent that this word still has meaning in a circular economy, is collected separately in a separate environmental street under the office building in order to be able to recycle it as much as possible. Unlike in the past, design documents or other analogue information from A4idee are rarely printed, but only made available digitally. Where 'waste' is still generated by the work of A4idee, the separate collection facility of the collector's building will be used for processing.

In the A4idee office, natural light is used as much as possible during the day. Furthermore, the office is equipped with LED lighting controlled by motion sensors. In daily use, A4idee devotes a great deal of attention to the conscious use of energy, such as the use of energy-efficient equipment (e.g. monitors), minimum use of heating capacity and a reduction in water consumption.

A4idee services

In our services when developing new or modifying existing infrastructure, we always take into account solutions that ultimately have less impact on the environment when making choices. For example, in the case of replacement plans, a good balance is sought between maintaining current assets with a certain effect on the environment and between the realisation of new assets that are less burdensome. For example, A4idee was involved in the choice of runway lighting for a recent project, where annual energy consumption and CO2 emissions were important consideration criteria.

Furthermore, A4idee is always looking for "the question behind the question". In doing so, we first try to clearly understand the customer's initial question in order to determine the direction in which solutions should be sought. The focus is always on sustainability. No environmentally harmful ad hoc solutions, but working on the basis of a clear analysis towards a future robust solution, in which the nuisance for the environment is kept to a minimum and divestments can be prevented.