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Welcome to the website of A4idee B.V. Are you looking for consultancy services in the field of airport infrastructure, then you are at the right location. The website presents a picture of our services, qualities and years of experience with airport development, although it remains difficult to show this as completely as possible. It is always important to state that our services originate from a hobby; the fascination for a transport hub flows with an international character. Driven by this fascination, A4idee always carries out its assignments with full focus and conviction. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us personally so that we can explain our services further in a personal meeting and determine together whether we can add value to your organization.

About A4idee

The name A4idee stands for Assistance for Infrastructure Development and Engineering. Although this term suggests a broader scope, the focus of A4idee as an advisory company is entirely on the development of airports. That is why we operate both nationally and internationally. Since its founding in 2006, a wide spectrum of airport infrastructure development experience has been accumulated. This includes the infrastructure within terminal buildings as well as on airside and landside.

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The origin of A4idee actually dates back to the mid-80s. As a secondary school student, the journey from Sassenheim to Schiphol Airport was undertaken by bicycle as a hobby. The international character, the junction of all kinds of traffic flows as well as the impressive aircraft that could be seen at Schiphol at the time, were the most important reasons to regularly make the trip. During secondary school, Schiphol retained its appeal and appeared as a subject in many speeches and presentations.

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The services of A4idee, sometimes in cooperation with one of our partners, mainly focus on the following areas:

  • Airport Development Planning
  • Airport Asset Management

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