About A4idee

The name A4idee stands for Assistance for Infrastructure Development and Engineering. Although this term suggests a broader scope, the focus of A4idee as an advisory company is entirely on the development of airports. That is why we operate both nationally and internationally. Since its founding in 2006, a wide spectrum of airport infrastructure development experience has been accumulated. This includes the infrastructure within terminal buildings as well as on airside and landside.

The playing field of A4idee mainly covers Design and Management activities. A4idee offers design support by drawing up the Programme of Requirements (PoR), in which, together with stakeholders, it’s determined which requirements are met by means of procedures, and which requirements are met by means of technology. Requirements are then carefully formulated with either functional or technical specifications, depending on the selected strategy.

Furthermore, based on a Programme of Requirements or Demand Specification, A4idee gives substance to the design. Alternatively, we provide sketches with principle solutions, often not yet based on a Programme of Requirements, which can serve to make certain decisions. This is also possible if aircraft movements on taxiways and aprons need to be simulated.

Context diagram development of projects and airport asset management

In the area of Management, A4idee's expertise involves drawing up long-term and short-term maintenance strategies, whereby an integrated maintenance vision is developed on the basis of the decomposition of airport assets. The availability of data on these assets is essential. Furthermore, our expertise consists of formulating a specific asset policy (the asset must comply with this asset policy or what is expected of newly realised assets) and drafting test protocols in order to control and monitor assets after the execution of a project. Asset policy from the management is often input for the initiation phase of a project arising from capacity or compliance aspects. A4idee commonly plays a role as a link between the core activities Projects and Management.

Rough decomposition airport infrastructure

With or without our partners, we handle a wide spectrum of complex airport related issues in order to arrive at cost-efficient and sustainable solutions together with the client.